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Designer of the Ghana National Flag has passed away

Mrs. Theodosia Salome Okoh, was born Theodosia Salome Asihene, to Reverend EV Asihene a former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and his wife Mrs. Dora Asihene.

She was the designer of Ghana’s National Flag which also served as the blueprint of other flags of nearby  nations, who used the same colours in similar configurations.

She was also a former Chairman of the Ghana Hockey Federation and during her tenure built the original National Hockey Pitch which has now been renovated into a Hockey Stadium and named after her.

She was in a family of Akoras.

-          She herself was an Akora of the 1944 year group.

-          Her husband, Mr. Enoch Okoh was also an Akora of the 1938 year group and a former President of the OAA.

-           Her Sister Dr. Letitia E Obeng also an Akora.

Her children are all Akoras.

-          E Kwasi Okoh 1967 year group, and current Chairman of the Achimota School Board of Governors,

-          Stanley Okoh of the 1969 year group

-          Theodosia Okoh of the 1971 year group and many other Akoras in the family.



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Last updated at : 22 April,2015
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